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Civil Defence Association


George Cross


Civil Defence Volunteers have a long and distinguished record of service and sacrifice to the nation - a tradition which continues to the present day.

The History of Civil Defence Volunteers is divided into parts:

1935 to 1945 - from the first call for volunteers in Air Raid Precautions right through the Second World War which ended in 1945.

1948 to 1968 - from the creation of the Civil Defence Corps and Auxiliary Fire Service (in the early part of the ‘Cold War’) to the controversial decision to disband government-sponsored civil defence volunteer forces in 1968.

1968 to Today - from the cessation of government funded CD voluntary effort to the plethora of organisations which abound today, the majority of whom do not have ‘Civil Defence’ as part of their title - but nevertheless perform a much valued and respected role both to their local community and to the nation as a whole. The spirit of Civil Defence Volunteering remains!