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Please feel free to download any of the items shown on this page. They are free of charge for personal, educational or other non-commercial use but please give full acknowledgement to the source.

By downloading you are considered to have accepted these limitations.

Please also note that they are all © 2005 Civil Defence Association

‘A Brief History of Civil Defence’ ISBN 0-9550153-0-8

PDF in A5 format for easy reading on the screen (5.2MB)

PDF in A4 format for duplex printing (5.2MB)

‘March of the Civil Defence Services’, composed by Anthony J. Richards, 1955/6.
1956/7 Recordings made by the Band of the Royal School of Military Music.

MP3 format, conducted by Lt. Col. David McBain (1.2MB)

PDF format, CD Cover notes (115KB or less)

PDF format, Composer biography (24KB or less)

PDF format, ‘March of the Civil Defence Services’ - story

The PDFs have been tested on Adobe™ Reader Versions 5 and above.

For those without Broadband a limited number of copies of CD’s are being produced containing all of the items. To check availability please contact The Secretary, Civil Defence Association.